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So I get a call from the clinic that they have my x-rays ready and to come pick it up for the specialist..I hurt my knee playing soccer and still have a sharp pain. So as I check to see what's up with my knee..I notice the x-ray is of an elbow..I brought it up to the doctor's attention and he immediately went to the x-ray department to figure out the confusion. In the meantime, I spied a fleshjack on the table and figured since this is gonna take more than a minute I might as well squeeze one out. I've always wanted to try that thing but never had the chance nor the money to buy one.  I strip down and start to work on my bone..once I got rock hard I slipped that thing on my shaft and it totally reminded me of fucking an ass bareback..inside the fleshjack it had some sorta weird ridges that tickled my cock...but in a good way. I can see why these things are so popular cause it didn't take long for me to bust my nut clear across the room! Fuck I'm gettin' one of these tomorrow! 


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