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Coming from a small town in Chicago I was always encouraged to join gymnastics and compete with other high schools. Being a freshman I thought I'd try out here at the college. After talking to Coach Johnson, he suggested I get a quick free check-up at the campus clinic. He said it was just normal procedure. I never had to do anything fancy like that from where I came so I figured I'd take advantage of it...little did I know I was the one that was going to be taken advantage of. I walk in and was greeted by a very nice lady with a great smile, Nurse Cindy. I explain and he fits me in today's schedule. In walks Doctor Dick...I shoulda known just by the name I was in trouble. We talk a little then I notice he kept looking at my bulge in my underwear. He checks my blood pressure, he checks my ears for balance and stuff. 

Next thing I know after I'm weighed I feel his cold gloved hand going into my underwear. At first I thought it was normal but then noticed this was getting creepy. He then pulled out my dick and started to stroke it. He said it would be normal to get a hard on so I just let it happen, next thing you know he was jacking me off. It felt real good cause staying in the dorms it's hard to find a private moment to squeeze one out. He kept teasing my dick so much it was driving me crazy..I took matters into my own hands and busted a huge load..I don't know what came over me next but I ate my own load after I busted. This clinic is crazy yo...I don't think I'm ever coming back here. 


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