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I have had the problem of pre-cumming all the time..and some of the guys say they just don't like that taste when they're suckin' my dick so I went to get a check-up at the college clinic. I was nervous as fuck to talk to the doctor but I figure if I don't address this now I never will.

As I wait, the doc comes in and tells me he's gonna be a few moments. Since I share the dorm with another dude..I figure here's the perfect time to bust a nut. As I undressed I noticed a bottle of lube on the table so I got up and helped myself to some and started strokin' my dick. It felt really good feeling that hot slippery stuff especially in my foreskin. Even as I was jackin' I could see a ton of pre-cum ooze out.

I could feel my load building and building until I popped all over the exam table paper. I quickly removed it and sat to wait for the doc. I hope he doesn't notice the paper is missing.


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