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My leg started bothering me..I guess cause of all the rainy weather and humidity. I made an appointment at the college campus to get my leg checked out. I had  titanium rods put in my leg after a bad car accident some time ago so I just wanna make sure everything's okay. As I waited for the doc, I glanced at the prep table and saw all kindsa dildos and plastic dicks and wondered what I might have gotten myself into. Strangely enough I really wasn't too concerned since I let my girlfriend peg me when I'm drunk sometimes just to spice things up.

In walks the doc and insists I get a check up just to make sure everything is okay besides my leg. My intuition was right...this doc is creepy. After removing my underwear he started to fondle me but heck I didn't really care cause I was horny as fuck anyway. His latex glove gave a new sensation, one that I never really felt before and I enjoyed it but when he removed it my dick sensitivity was off the chart and I busted like a fountain. I guess it's time for X-rays now.


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